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2017-04-19 06:24 am


I'm just testing to see how this system works.

Model for 5 inch tall standing ankh

Apparently Dreamwidth doesn't store images, they must be imported. Fortunately, I do have my regular website for storage. That's the model for my 5 inch tall standing ankh. It made it safely to the foundry!

The clay I used is a bit tacky, especially in warmer temperatures. I learned about a more heat resistant clay, Chavant NSP Medium, which isn't available via Dick Blick, but is through Amazon. I have five bricks of the stuff, waiting for transformation into statues of Set and Horus (Heru-Wer). First step, the throne. I've decided they will share the same throne.

(Testing the html abilities of DW, can a large image be made to fit a smaller space with pixel display constrictions? NO! I had to edit to put a smaller image in.)

But really, the first step: I got the bricks of clay out of the box! Hah!
meritptah: Was, Djed, Ankh (Default)
2017-04-18 05:31 am


I hear there's lots of activity here at Dreamwidth, so here I am, aka Senuwierneh....